The Family Budgeting and Finance Bundle {Digital Download}
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The Family Budgeting and Finance Bundle {Digital Download}

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Our Family Budgeting and Finance Resource Bundle is the perfect solution to help your family work together to improve your financial situation.  Whether you're trying to pay off debt, save for something important to the family or learn to shop with purpose, these tools will help your family reach their money goals! 


A.  The Financial Meeting Listening and Learning Worksheets - If you're married or in a relationship where you're sharing expenses but you know you're both not on the same page, this worksheet will help you start to learn how your significant other feels about money.  Often times when we sit down to discuss money with our partner, we end up in a fight because we can't see eye to eye.  Not much can be accomplished when this happens because when you're fighting, you're not listening. This tool helps both parties start engaging in active listening so they can finally get in line with one another, become a unified force and start fixing their finances together!

B. The Family Meeting Bundle - The family meeting bundle is the perfect solution to help your family get on the same page about anything! The four worksheets included in this bundle can be used not only for discussing important financial issues but to help the family work together and accomplish their goals.  

  • The Agenda Items for Discussion Form
  • The Agenda and Notes Form
  • The Decision and Outcomes Form 
  • The Family Meeting Rules Print

Plus. the 18-page companion document which walks you through the step by step process in completing financial and family meetings.  

C.  Expense Tracker - You're out and about and you stop and make a few purchases. Days later when you check your bank balance you are surprised because it's less than you thought it would be.  Here's the fix! Our beautifully laid out Expense Tracker page is designed to help keep track of all those expenses you don't want to forget.  Perfect if you're trying to gain more control over your spending too!  Use it whether you pay cash for all your purchases or pay via debit/credit. Never lose track of a purchase again.  

D.  Monthly Spending Plan Worksheets - The basis of every good budget is the ability to be flexible and responsive to the ever changing demands of our money.  Using our Monthly Spending Plan assures you have the ability to tell your money where to go each month when creating your monthly spending strategy. Create a new plan each month and place in your budgeting binder or hang on your command center so it's easily accessible. 

Please note that this product is sold as a digital download that you can instantly download and print at home. You will receive access to the file as soon as you check out.

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